Competitive Intelligence

Know your competition. Gnowit provides comprehensive CI services based on our patented platform leveraging the latest in AI, ML and NLP innovations. The Gnowit platform delivers relevant and accurate competitive analysis to provide a full understanding of your competitive landscape via curated newsfeeds, documents, alerts and an interactive dashboard.

The Gnowit platform can serve as your virtual resource, eliminating the constant and time-consuming effort of staying up-to-date on your competition.

Public Relations

Today’s digital economy provides massive amounts of data across a diverse set of platforms that can directly affect your brand’s value. Gnowit’s platform filters the noise and enables you to have a comprehensive view of your coverage across online media, social media, print and broadcast on a single cloud based platform.

Media Monitoring

In the current global digital economy, public opinion and sentiment are crucial to any organization. Information can present itself from anywhere, at any time on a multitude of platforms making it extremely difficult and time-consuming to gather, filter and analyze. Gnowit’s platform monitors millions of sources across the web to provide a comprehensive view of you and your organization, including social media, articles and websites.

Government Relations

In today’s global geopolitical environment, government data is ever changing, vast and challenging to find. Tracking this massive data can become time-consuming, resource intensive and costly. Gnowit provides a comprehensive government relations monitoring service that provides up-to-date tracking of legislative, regulatory and public affairs across any geographic region. To meet these demands Gnowit provides fast, relevant and accurate public policy information to better meet your needs.