vAnalyst is a comprehensive media intelligence platform built with patented AI/ ML technology that enables fast, accurate and deep insights in media monitoring, competitive intelligence, government and public relations and management consulting. vAnalyst provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for adding searches and providing results via an interactive dashboard with dynamic visualizations and customizable reports.

  vAnalyst add-ons

We support the following add-on to the vAnalyst platform.
Custom Sources, Analyst Insight, White Labeling, TV and Broadcast, Real-time, Contextual Filtering, Customization.

  Platform APIs and licensing

The Gnowit platform offers an open API for 3rd party systems integration.


We harness the power of AI/ML and NLP (Natural Language Processing) built on vSmart, to address our customers needs including support for end-to-end analyst workflows, enhanced sentiment analysis, actionable insights.
Gnowit is a must-have media intelligence tool that enables deeper and more relevant insights to our customers providing unprecedented capability.

  Platform features

Accurate, Real-time Analysis of information that helps organizations identify opportunities and threats.
Sentiment Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Eliminating of False Positives and False Negatives.

  Competitive Differentiation

Relevant and Accurate Information. Sentiment Analysis. End-to-end Workflow. Real-time. Interactive Dashboard.

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