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Need A Better Search Engine?

After finally finishing my last midterm, I decided to focus on some non-academic related reading.  And, I also wanted to catch up on some of  Seth Godin’s blog posts.   In reviewing some of his older work, I was delighted to come across his blog on information density.   In the blog, Seth discusses how some of […]

Looking Back: The Startup Garage Experience

It has been a year since we began the Startup Garage program hosted by the Technology Transfer Business Enterprise (TTBE) and our company has made giant strides since then. When we first started Gnowit in October of 2010, we had nothing more than an idea. What we also had – and still do – is […]

Refining Your Twitter Search

I recently discovered that about nine out of ten Twitter users I know either do not use Twitter refinements or even know about them in the first place. This is quite odd given that Twitter is quickly becoming (Or may already be) the main source of real time information for fields like entertainment, sports, politics, […]

How To Search: The Art Of Online Research

Do you know how to search specifically for what you want online? It is no secret that the Internet is now the number one source of information in the world. With new content constantly being pushed out by the second, there are more than enough references to seek if you are searching for specific information […]