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Big Data: The Future of Government Insight

For months, the federal election campaign has been a central part of the Canadian consciousness. There was the meteoric rise and fall of support for the NDP. There were the party attacks and last-minute promises, which took on an almost feverish quality as undecided voters weighed their options one last time. The personalities of politicians […]

The economy: still the most important election issue?

It’s been over a week since the Globe and Mail debate. The outpouring of commentary – on who won, who caused the greatest number of interruptions, and who was offended by the term “old stock Canadians” – has subsided. Another (some would say more inclusive) debate is about to take place.  But for most voters, the […]

Gnowit Offers Free Parliamentary Candidate-Tracking Service in Run-Up to Federal Election

In the era of information overload, staying politically informed is no easy task. It’s ironic, really. After months of heavy news coverage devoted to the upcoming federal election, surveys suggest many Canadians are unaware of major political issues that could impact them. The founders of Gnowit, an Ottawa-based web-intelligence company, felt a responsibility to do […]

Towards a Government Relations-Tech Partnership

Government relations doesn’t exactly have a forward-thinking reputation. According to many critics, the profession is little more than an old boy network clinging to outdated business practices. The diverse body of practitioners working in Canada today might take issue with the first part of this characterization. But most would probably agree that, when it comes […]

The ROI of Government Relations

You know the story. In almost every industry, clients are more empowered than they’ve ever been. With the use of digital tools, they’ve grown accustomed to getting what they want at the click of a button. Not only that, but because they have infinite choices, they’re quick to leave service providers that don’t live up […]

Web Intelligence – what it is, and why it’s so useful

 What is web intelligence? To the uninitiated, it probably sounds like something used exclusively by groups like INTERPOL and CSIS. For researchers in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and information technology (IT), it represents an exciting field of study. To professionals accustomed to tech and business buzzwords, it may seem to have no meaning […]

Machine learning is the future – don’t be scared!

From Metropolis to the Terminator to this year’s Ex Machina, technology capable of thought has been an enduring concept in dystopian science fiction. The technophobia that drives these story lines has seen a resurgence of late. Sensationalist news stories about artificial intelligence – including those that discuss the increasingly buzzworthy field of machine learning – […]

Artificial Intelligence for Business

To say artificial intelligence has gotten a lot of buzz recently would be an understatement. Google and Facebook have embarked on major AI research and development undertakings. Investment has come from the likes of Goldman Sachs and some of Silicon Valley’s biggest venture capital firms. The media churns out article after article about the potential […]

Our Top 5 Government Relations Posts

On Friday, June 18, Canadian parliamentarians wrapped up their business in Ottawa for the summer recess. Based on some of the discussions we’ve been having, it sounds like many government relations (GR) professionals will also be taking a much needed break. And why not? Though there’s always work to be done, many advocacy-based activities won’t […]