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4 Insights From Our Government Relations White Paper

Recently, I completed the process of writing a white paper on digital disruption in the government relations (GR) profession. The paper – which focuses largely on GR teams working within public relations agencies – was the culmination of months of interviews and surveys carried out by our business development team. I spent hours pouring over records and […]

Conserving Resources in Government Relations

A few months ago, Gnowit published a blog post on low-cost marketing tools for nonprofits. The post discussed how technology can help nonprofit professionals and volunteers stretch their limited resources to reach donors, volunteers and funding bodies that may not otherwise hear their stories. Looking at those who work in government relations (GR), there are […]

Government Relations: An Integral Part of the PR Puzzle

To those on the outside, government relations is perceived as a synonym for lobbying, which, in turn, is viewed as advocacy (or, in some cases, something less legitimate). Let’s forget for a moment that the field encompasses a variety of activities. The fact is, describing government relations processes as “advocacy” does little to highlight the […]

Does Government Relations Need a PR Makeover?

It’s no secret that many in the general population believe lobbying is a less-than-squeaky-clean endeavor. In fact, entering the word “lobbying” into a popular search engine is likely to turn up two types of content. Op-ed pieces on the theme of corruption Cartoons featuring top hats and sacks emblazoned with dollar signs Results for my […]

How Many Government Sources Should You Monitor?

Every so often, something comes up during market research that shines a clarifying light on past data. Suddenly, a problem that plagues professionals in the industry you’ve been researching makes that much more sense. Something like this happened to me recently. I was rereading old interviews between people working in government relations and members of […]

The Apple Watch’s Notification Problem

It’s happened. After months of hype and sky-high financial forecasting, consumers have been introduced to the Apple Watch. Online pre-ordering began last Friday; within minutes, some models had sold out. The verdict from tech reviewers is almost unanimous: the watch is impressive in many respects. But it’s not a game-changer, at least not yet. This […]