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Automating Government Relations

Technology has gotten a bad rap of late. Automation and artificial intelligence are at the center of countless cultural critiques. If the critics are to be believed, we’re on track to complete enslavement at the hands of super-intelligent robots. But how credible are these claims? Are we really headed in the wrong direction, or can […]

Has Government Relations Entered the Digital Age?

Has government relations entered the digital age? This is a compelling question. One would assume that public relations – the umbrella beneath which government relations operates – has had to adapt to digital disruption. But what about those who deal more with government officials and other decision-makers – the seasoned veterans who have, to a […]

How Persuasive is Your Message?

In the last two weeks, 2169 articles touching on the subject of education have been published in Canadian online media. This information was found using CoreAlerts, Gnowit’s media-monitoring platform. As a way of looking at how media coverage of an issue affects its treatment in government, I began tracking the term “education” using HansardWatch (there […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Nonprofits

Canadian nonprofits have always faced challenges, funding shortages chief among them. Cuts to federal and provincial government spending delivered a blow to the sector in the 90s, and further difficulties arose during the financial crisis of 2008. Lasting impacts include the demise of a large number of charities and insufficient manpower at others.   Many […]

Lessons from 3 Hot Cleantech Companies

Okay, I admit it. This post should probably be called “Lessons from 3 of B.C.’s Hottest Cleantech Companies”. In my defence, this started out as a nationwide list, and narrowing it down was no easy task. Companies like Montreal’s Enerkem (which has gained a ton of well-deserved recognition for its waste-to-biofuel technology) are proving that green innovation […]

How Technology is Changing FDI

Walmart, McDonalds, Costo – each of these retailers is a household name in Canada, yet few Canadians understand the complicated process through which they have established a Canadian presence.  Foreign direct investment – or FDI – is “[i]nvestment from one country into another…that involves establishing operations or acquiring tangible assets, including stakes in other businesses” […]

The Minimalist Guide to Monitoring Government

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a post on using strategy and media-monitoring software to reduce information overload. The responses I received solidified my view that overload is one of the biggest problems in the workplace today. Naturally, the greater the number of sources you have to monitor, the more complicated your task will […]

4 Reasons Monitoring Municipal Government Matters

Two weeks ago, while most Canadians with an interest in politics were following the Paul Calandra debacle, I was thinking about municipal government. I’d been doing some research for a Gnowit project on government relations, digging through recent surveys and notes, when a particular trend grabbed my attention. As it turns out, one of the […]