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Warning! Early Success Reality-Distortion Minefields Will Destroy Your Startup – Part 2

According to the Startup Genome Project, 74% of high-growth Internet startups, with serious star potential, fail. Many of these tragedies are the consequences of the leadership drinking their own Kool-Aid, and refusing to move more slowly and cautiously when ramping up. They mistake early indications of traction for ‘a sure thing’, and start investing in […]

5 Lessons Learned From Crowdfunding

In recent years, crowdfunding has become a serious option for product developers — and a welcome alternative for those long constrained by traditional funding models. Bootstrapping is painful, angel investment involves a lot of effort and energy, and venture capital is primarily only for startups that are well along their path to success (and arguably […]

Gnowit Artificial Intelligence Solution

Gnowit provides the solution to a quintessential 21st century problem: information overload and attention burnout. Information overload and attention burnout may seem like fuzzy issues, but they lead to very concrete problems including: decreased productivity declining profitability ineffectual marketing efforts increased stress Our Solution: Artificial Intelligence to Cut through the Chatter At Gnowit, we’ve developed […]

Patent Pending Gnowit!

Gnowit’s core technologies are now patent-pending! Gnowit recently filed for patent protection for six (6!) of the core technologies that underpin our media monitoring solution.  Our core media monitoring processes are made up of sophisticated components that ensure powerful real-time monitoring and real-time analysis.  From our advanced sentiment analysis, to automated website reengineering engines, to […]