Blackberry 10 Jam Score Card

January 30, 2013 marked a historical day for the Canadian based company formally known as Research in Motion (RIM) when they announced the launch of the new and highly anticipated flagship product, the Z10.

Blackberry pulling all the stops and trying to go back to relevancy has created a strong PR campaign prior to the release of the Z10 and because of that; almost every major news site will be on this story. Thus it is critical for RIM to immediately know what reporters and reviewers are saying post launch about their new product. Consequently, it is especially critical for CEO Thosten Heins and CMO Frank Boulben to know what is the buzz around their big announcement in order to be prepared to face any questions by the press.

Getting a clear concise picture of opinions in a timely matter can be difficult. The vast amount of content being pushed on the web can be overwhelming especially for an event of this scale. Quickly understanding the perceptions and opinions of the media will give anybody the advantage of understanding and acting accordingly.

Ottawa based Gnowit is a firm doing exactly that by monitoring and analyzing mainstream news media, major and specialty blogs, and online magazines while producing important data and analysis in real-time.

According to Gnowit’s automated tool, Blackberry has been mentioned in mainstream Canadian news media 984 times in the past seven (7) days and five hundred and ninety eight times (598) on the day of the announcement.

Off the results, it was quickly discovered that 75% of the articles written about blackberry and the Z10 were positive while 17% and 8% were neutral and negative respectively. The Word-Cloud on the left portrays the popular topics that are being spoken about. It is color coded presenting positive sentiment as green, neutral sentiment as yellow, and negative as red.

When the CMO wants to know the list of negative articles written about blackberry; I can find the answers in the pie chart and Word-Cloud. If you look closely into the Word-Cloud, you will see the topic ‘Toronto Stock Exchange’ is an important, yet negative theme. One click and you can see the full set of articles discussing the TSX (that also mention Blackberry). The articles indicate that RIM’s stocks have taken a hit prior to the launch. To instead see all the negative articles, simply click on the negative area of the pie chart, and the results will be filtered to view only the negative articles. A new Word-Cloud analysis will be generated for the new set of articles.

After looking at the articles, it is evident that most negative articles were about RIM’s stock decline. According to sources, RIM’s stock fell approximately 12% falling to $13.86.

Now that we know that RIM’s launch was mostly positive (congratulations RIM!) it would be interesting to see who writes about blackberry the most. From all the Canadian sources monitored by Gnowit, the Globe & Mail seem to be the most active with thirty four (34) articles on January 30th; 68% or articles being positive and 22% neutral.

It seems like the Globe and Mail was highly active in keeping its audience updated throughout the day.

As an Ottawa based firm, we would like to know who in Ottawa was most active covering the big news. The Ottawa Business Journal had a total of three (3) articles. 100% of them being positive.

Overall, it seems like Mr Thorsten and his team have had a successful launch. Their efforts and patience has proven to pay off in most aspects. The real test will come when the Blackberry gets released to the public.

A live view of Balckberry’s coverage is available on Gnowit’s free trial period. This analysis was generated via Gnowit’s Artificial Intelligence powered media-analysis tool.


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