Gnowit CoreAlerts: What’s in it for me?

Gnowit CoreAlerts supports individuals who need to know in real-time how media publications are shaping their brand and who need to be aware of new policy, social, environmental and technology shifts that an impact their organization and their stakeholders.

Gnowit (TM) CoreAlerts provides the following capabilities:

Real-Time Alerts:

Be the First to Know (TM) when something new breaks in the media. Our software tirelessly tracks every quality media source in Canada in real-time. It’s like having a building full of analysts reading through every newspaper, blog and magazine every minute.

Advanced Article Analysis:

Each article is analysed using our patented Artificial Intelligence algorithms to extract an informative summary, key topics and the article’s sentiment. With these available, you can quickly skim though hundreds of documents to identify the 6 that matter to you.

  • Skimmable Summary: extracted from the article itself. In 85% of the cases, this summary is generally all you need to read to determine if this article is relevant or interesting.
  • Core Topics: are extracted from each article that can be used to ‘drill-down’ to on-the-fly extract a subset of articles around a given topic.
  • Accurate Sentiment: is extracted that is derived using high-potency statistical language processing methods. This is derived using the same methods that a human analyst would have employed.

Media Monitoring Dashboard:

  • Projects: You can track more than one concept and retain the discovered documents in a logical ‘folder’. We provide a simple ‘search-engine-like’ option, an assisted method, and advanced Boolean to specify your terms. You can employ an unlimited number of keywords for your search.
  • Sentiment WordCloud:The documents discovered for you are analysed to generate a WordCloud of the terms that are most heavily associated with positive and negative sentiment. Click on this term, and you’ll immediately get access to a snapshot analysis of the new pertaining to that concept only.
  • Quick Filters: If there are particular keywords or new sources that you want to zoom into, you can type a few words in the quick-filter or click on the news source to hide the other results.
  • SmartAlerts Event Identification: For Gnowit TM SmartAlerts users (coming soon!), we generate a set of ‘trending’ topics for you, with their own snapshot analysis.

Easy Sharing:

  • Professional Report & Newsletter Generation:  You can generate report from the results returned, with full control over which articles are displayed, highlighted, or entirely hidden. The reports can be generated in polished and shareable PDF or HTML formats.
  • Easy Social Sharing on Twitter and Facebook: Be the thought leader. You can be the first person to tweet new articles in your field, as you will be the first to know.
  • Easy Email Sharing: One-click sharing of emails to people on your list.

Application Programming Interfaces:

For select partners, we offer access to the full information hosepipe, with both standard and custom-developed analysis. We can also gather, monitor and analyze new articles from specialized websites that are beyond our core set. The full-text or summarized snippets are very amenable for down-stream information processing.

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