Meet Mediagator’s News Reading App

We are happy to announce the launch of our news reading app on the popular crowdfunding website Indiegogo to raise our funding goal of $30,000. The app is being developed in partnership with Mediagator, a sister company. It is powered by the same artificial intelligence technology that supports Gnowit’s real-time media monitoring platform.  Similar to other popular readers it brings users their favourite news and blog content from across the web in one place that is both intuitive and a pleasure to use.  The key differentiator is our AI technology. With it our news app:

  • -Provides summaries of articles to get straight to the facts
  • -Uses artificial intelligence to identify news content which is relevant to you
  • -Becomes smarter as you read to recommend articles that match your interests

We have not listed all of the app’s planned features above as it is currently in development. However, our Indiegogo campaign will only run for the next 33 days so make sure to check it out to learn more.



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