Canadian and US Government Policy Monitoring

Monitor Legislative Changes, Key Policy Debates and Regulatory Issues

Automate and US Canadian Legislative and Regulatory Source Tracking

  • Be alerted to legislative and regulatory risks in real-time
  • Rest easy knowing that all relevant sources are being comprehensively monitored on your behalf. We track 2m relevant media and Government sources for you
  • Identify influencers in Government and media
  • Refine policy understanding and improve messaging by learning from multiple media jurisdictions and specialist sources
  • Brief your stakeholder automatically via white-labelled mailing list, PDF reports and shareable dashboards
  • Speed up the curation process via our workflow tools. Automate report creation


  • Track federal, provincial, and territorial legislature, parliamentary debates, order notices, committee discussions, and official gazettes
  • Track news from top all Canadian municipalities as well
  • Growing list of US Government sources available – customizable to your needs
  • All Canadian, US and Global online news is bundled in automatically, allowing you to reduce your spend on digital online news monitoring