Canadian Parliamentary Monitoring

Be informed of new legislation, key debates and issues as soon as they are available

Track Canadian Government Publications Automatically

  • Keeping abreast of legislative changes with no additional effort
  • Identify influencers in Government and media
  • Refine policy understanding and improve messaging by learning from multiple media jurisdictions and specialist sources
  • Be informed of new political and legislative issues before anyone else. Ensure that nothing material is missed
  • Brief your stakeholder automatically via white-labelled mailing list, PDF reports and shareable dashboards

Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Cost via Digital Automation

  • Enable a single analyst to track thousands of sources across the media and Government
  • Support federal, provincial, territories, key agencies and top 200 municipalities + Canadian and US media!
  • No more wasting time collecting information
  • Easily 20x the number of issues managed by a single domain expert
  • Distill expert knowledge using our sophisticated language technologies filters – allow your key people to take vacations!
  • Speed up the curation process via our workflow tools. Automate report creation
  • Get alerted in real-time, or curate once a week. Take control back of your schedule without missing anything


  • Track federal, provincial, and territorial legislature, parliamentary debates, order notices, committee discussions, and official gazettes
  • Track news from top 200 Canadian municipalities (agency tier feature)
  • Be notified of new RFPs published on, and any change notices
  • Additionally, you can also monitor all Canadian, US and Global online news from a single dashboard