Corporate and Market Intelligence

Know Your Suppliers, Competitors and Customers. Understand Your Industry. Drive the Growth of Your Business

Identify risks and opportunities

  • Sophisticated filters to automatically search through millions of documents and deliver actionable information
  • Position the firm to proactively craft and execute on corporate strategy
  • Don’t miss new opportunities and risks. Evidence based decision making without information overload
  • Be the first to know. Accelerate executive decision making
  • Identify new revenues opportunities in Canadian Government RFPs
  • Be informed of new business trigger events with current and prospective clients
  • White-labelled mailing list, PDF reports and shareable dashboards to automate briefing delivery to colleagues and clients

Quickly generate briefs on key clients, customers and competitors

  • Intuitively set up new project, with instant historic results for queries
  • Powerful curation tools to label and organize intelligence
  • Analytics and visualization to identify and highlight trends
  • Insightful sentiment, geotagging, duplicate detection and other meta-data to refine and enrich your results
  • Assist your colleagues by sharing useful media updates

Replicate your key domain experts

  • Distill expert knowledge using our sophisticated language technologies filters
  • Closed loop machine learning improves accuracy (agency tier feature)
  • Create custom packages of salient sources to dial up the signal (agency tier feature)
  • Junior analysts can support curation, and sharing tasks once the project is configured
  • Leverage domain experts to support 20x projects with their insight


  • Monitor all Canadian, US and Global online news from a single dashboard
  • Track all major press release portal
  • Monitor important trade publications, supplier and competitor news portals and forums in real-time (agency tier feature)
  • Feed in Google Alerts, and run out sophisticated language filters on the full text of linked pages (agency tier feature)
  • Create customer industry or media packages with only sources of interest to you (agency tier feature)