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Accurate – High Source Quality

Poor accuracy due to irrelevant sources

On target.
Accuracy by design.

  • There is a ~15% overlap between Gnowit and Google’s results
  • You’re missing 85% of useful results with Google
  • Gnowit’s results are carefully curated from selected Government, media, press releases and selected web sources
  • By design, at Gnowit we eliminate most of the useless results at source

Comprehensive Monitoring

Partial results.

Comprehensive coverage of significant sources

  • Most Google Alerts are abandoned shortly after setting them, as they operate without:
    1. a credible competitive intelligence,
    2. nor
      opportunity/threat detection processes.
  • Google Alerts delivers one email alert per hour, with a max of 20 documents per email. This limits your results to 480 per topic per day. If you miss an email, you have a gap in your monitoring.
  • At Gnowit our alerts are as frequent as you choose them to be, and can even operate in real-time. The documents found are also collected in a SaaS web application so that you can view them whenever you want (rather than when emails arrive).

Accurate – High Quality Filtering

Simple keywords and phrase filtering

Expressive Boolean for granular concept and signals based filtering. Geotagging. Subject classification
We exclusively offer Boolean filters that deliver powerful search syntax; to help you to crisply express your information need. More info is available at:

Additionally, you can filter by sentiment, specific sources, geo-location, and IPTC subject codes.

Low Effort Curation Process

High effort.
Need to open & read each document.

Skimmable view that makes rapid curation easy. Duplicates bucketed
Qualifying a document is harder; as you need to click through to read each article.
Gnowit extracts summaries that makes this process easier, and you can skim through at 10x the speed.
With Google Alerts, duplicated documents are not flagged and bucketed, so when you have a widely distributed article, you may need to qualify the same article hundreds of times in a single session, which takes a lot of time and effort!
Intuitive Filters and Drill-down

Not applicable.

Instant filter feedback and contextual drill-down
With Google Alerts, you need to set the queries and then wait for results.

When you set filters in Gnowit, you can immediately see the number of results, and the types of documents matching.
Additionally, we provide concept based navigation on the results to help you to drill-down to the set of relevant documents.
With Gnowit’s platform, a robust intelligent repository of real and prefiltered events awaits you. Our platform delivers on-demand and scheduled briefings, focusing on issues relevant to your specific needs.


No workflow.
DIY experience.
Manually do everything yourself.

Engineered workflow to support research, analysis, curation and reporting
With Google Alerts, you need to copy/paste articles into documents or spreadsheets, or manually enter them into databases.

Gnowit provides you with an intuitive workflow: that helps you to easily share these briefings and your analysis with colleagues and stakeholders.

Canadian Government Coverage

Very sparse Government coverage (2 sites only!).

Comprehensive Government coverage.
Monitoring you can rely on

If you are in the Government Relations field, Google Alerts only monitors a tiny subset of the Canadian Government information.

Gnowit tracks everything comprehensively, and we have a rigorous QA process to ensure that we don’t miss anything of consequence to you.