Global Management Consulting Firm Generates Leads with Gnowit’s System

Case Study

A global management consultancy organization specializing in foreign direct investment and consulting services for economic development organizations

Use Case

Lead generation and business development

A premier organization specializing in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and consulting services for economic development organizations had cobbled together a system that was based on Google alerts for lead generation and business development.

The organization monitored over 1,500 Google Alert projects and its employees manually read thousands of emails daily to identify important investment signals. These signals were buried in a large number of irrelevant documents delivered via the Google Alerts. Due to the limited capacity of analysts, leads were missed, opportunities were passed-by and business development was severely hampered.

Gnowit provides a welcome capability to organize these results. Gnowit automatically removed duplicates, filtered out irrelevant documents, and provided easy-to-skim summaries for the results. Foreign language results were automatically translated into English.

Using Gnowit, dramatic gains in efficiency and effectiveness were achieved that enabled employees to be better informed. This improved lead generation, enabled clients to capitalize on emerging opportunities and ultimately increasing revenues and customer satisfaction.