Department in the Federal Government Monitors Policy Updates and Improves Research using Gnowit’s System

Case Study

Government of Canada

Use Case

Policy Research and Development

Government policy analysts work for us (the citizenry) by helping the Ministers determine how to achieve socio-economic goals. Their job is to keep current with social-economic realities and understand the nuances associated with alternatives.

A senior researcher and her team at a federal department within the Government of Canada struggled to maintain perspective and focus by keeping up-to-date with information from hundreds of web sources, many of which were updated several times daily.

The frequency and content published from those Internet sources directly impacted her ability to brief decision makers effectively and craft policy reflective of changing realities.

Using Gnowit, she no longer needed to manually monitor all the sources herself. Our artificial intelligence solution identified and aggregated all new information, and provided summarized updates that took minutes to read through rather than hours it used to take.

Gnowit unlocks dramatic gains in efficiency and effectiveness that enables employees to be better informed, helps provide key insight to decision makers and assists in the creation of relevant policies.