Government Relations in Associations

After a decade of working with government relations expert in the associations sector we’ve found the following truths to hold:

Associations have very small GR teams

The GR expert either reports directly to the CEO, or is the CEO!

Needs to work with a large number of stakeholders

No time to monitor mission-critical activities like updates from the Government

Additionally, our association GR expert has to be the smartest person in the room, and with mastery of the following superpowers:

 Ensuring compliance with regulatory policies, which may be changing!
Government Funding
Being aware of Government funding, which is critical for many non-profits
Regulatory and policy update
Ability to educate members, or stakeholders, on regulatory and policy updates via regular reports and newsletters
Government Media

Good at identifying key influencers in the Government, the media

Update Policies
Always on top of developing issues and chatter on policy changes
Global Mindshare
Master of benchmarking perceptions and mindshare over time
Bill Tracking
Effectively tracking bills, committee meetings and key witnesses

Association GR experts rely on Gnowit to automate monitoring, filtering, organizing, and briefing generation, as these activities take too much time to complete. Gnowit is their secret to delivering their responsibilities without being overwhelmed.

Gnowit tracks 2 million sources in real-time and specializes in Canadian regulatory and legislative monitoring. Our platform enables small teams to be as effective as larger agencies, with systematic and predictable monitoring, analysis, and reporting.

Costing less than 5% of what a GR consultancy firm will charge you, boosting your productivity 40x, and allowing you to reduce work time from weeks to minutes, the Gnowit platform is easy to use and adopt.

A half hour meeting is all you need to let us know your needs, we’ll set you up to succeed, and you can test the platform via a free two weeks trial with no risk or commitment — no credit card required!

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