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gnowit benefits


Smart dashboards with information organization and simplification, key theme extraction, contextual filters, easy labeling and much more.


Effortlessly generate briefings via reusable templates and automated reporting tools. Transcend painful Excel and MS Word hacks

Organize Intelligence

You will love our smart tools for sorting and organizing data from millions of sources. Shift from one-off edits to powerful rules that decide on your behalf

export formats

Share finding via one-click emails, or PDF reports. Set up automated newsletters. Flow curated data via RSS feeds to your website. Employ API connections to your SharePoint or custom knowledge management application to power your data science practices

Comprehensive Monitoring

With millions of sources being tracked, we’ll ensure that you don’t miss anything. Our advanced filters will not bury you with irrelevant results – say goodbye to ignoring Google Alerts emails

Bionic Eyes and Ears for your Organization

Stay updated on matters that are uniquely relevant to you to proactively enhance decision making, and enhance your organizations’ influence & reputation

Regulatory and Legislative

Stay connected on all legislative matters in the US & Canada in real-time via our Parliamentary live tools and Govt Monitoring

Custom NLP and AI

For the truly ambitious, our team can partner with you to deploy AI and NLP solutions that will streamline daily processes and quickly identify valuable data.

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