Pricing Tailored for your needs!

Pricing is monthly.

10% Annual prepayment discount available.


For simple projects
USD 150

Free 30-day trial. No credit card required.

Global news media monitoring

30 projects and 10 users

Smart dashboards

Real-time, hourly, or daily reporting

Buzz / Sentiment analytics with 14 days historical data


For small companies

USD 300

Free 30-day trial. No credit card required.

Everything in Professional and…

US & Canada Govt regulatory monitoring

90 projects and 20 users

Curation, labeling & workflows with custom alerts

Email platform integration for automated newsletter publishing

Word cloud analytics with 31 days historical data


For large agencies
USD 600

Free 30-day trial. No credit card required.

Everything in Team and…

Federal parliament & committee video monitoring

200 projects & 40 users

Live dashboards (shareable externally) & white labeling

Benchmarking with 60 days historical data


For large enterprises

USD 2000

Free 30-day trial. No credit card required.

Everything in Agency and…

Monitoring via custom sources for more than 300 projects


Enterprise workflow ,insights report work-flow

Phone support & onboarding

Historical archives


What is Gnowit?
Gnowit (pronounced “know it”) is a provider of strategic web intelligence. We help organizations find and act on the crucial information found in news sites, blogs and in online transcripts of government proceedings. In essence, we filter out the noise, bringing users the real-time media and government insights they need to take quick, decisive action.
Who is Gnowit For?
Gnowit’s solutions can benefit any organization or professional impacted by government legislation or online media. Clients use Gnowit for policy and news monitoring, market intelligence, competitive intelligence, stakeholder and government relations, issues and reputation management, lead generation, and more.
Why Gnowit?
What Gnowit provides is a wealth of unique benefits, including real-time tracking of relevant issues and topics, insights in real-time, powerful curation capabilities that makes reporting and analysis a breeze. You have all the relevant sources tracked out of the box, and we also offer you the option to monitor custom sources.
What is your Privacy Policy?
The only private information we receive from you is your name, email and contact information, which is used to configure your account. The queries that you enter, the documents that you label and reports that you generate are kept strictly confidential. We never share our customer’s information with third parties.
Do you Offer Full Text Access?
In order to remain compliant with copyright laws, we give our retail clients on the Professional, Team and Agency tiers the links to the original documents, with an extracted summary and the title. You can also export additional metadata via the ‘share finding’ CSV, JSON and XML report options. Rest assured that your search takes place on the full text of every document in our repository.

If you need full text export access, we offer this under the Enterprise tier (where you can access the APIs), and our contract with you ensures that the terms of this usage falls within the research exception to copyright laws in most jurisdictions. We are also prepared to work with you to build additional AI and languages processing modules on our platform that automate your operations, and make ‘human-like’ decisions on your behalf. We are always happy to discuss how we can help you meet your goals, and would be happy to make Gnowit part of your solution.

What Payment Options are Available?
We are happy to offer you several options. We accept cheques, EFT and wire payments. We can also provide you an invoice for on-time or recurring payments via Stripe. If you choose to employ the Stripe option, then we never see your credit card information, and it is securely processed by leading payment services provider. We can bill you via CAD or USD.

6 months prepayments are eligible for a 5% discount, and one year prepayments for a 10% discount.

Do Charities get Special Pricing?
For non-profits that are cash-constrained and work for social justice, multiculturalism or other altruistic ends, we got your back, and price will not be a factor on making sure that you can benefit from Gnowit. Basically, pay what you can afford, and if the circumstances warrant it, you can have access to Gnowit at no cost as well.
What Happens at the End of the 31 Days Trial?
At the end of the 31 day trial period, you will no longer be able to log in, and your alerts and shared dashboards will be disabled. You will not receive an invoice or have any obligation for payment, unless you have unambiguously subscribed to one of the paid options available in vAnalyst.