Global Media Monitoring

Drive Your Organization’s Media Intelligence

Automated Media Monitoring

  • Be the first to know when new information is published
  • Don’t waste time searching. Have all the info collected automatically
  • Be alerted in real-time, or curate once a week. Take control of your schedule
  • Automate briefing delivery to colleagues and clients

Powerful Sharing and Reporting Capabilities

  • Professional curation tools to label and organize intelligence
  • Identify and highlight trends via analytics and visualization
  • Insightful sentiment, geotagging, duplicate detection and other meta-data enrichment to supercharge your results
  • Publish reports effortlessly via white-labelled mailing lists, PDF reports and shareable dashboards
  • Publish directly to your Sharepoint, DynamicCRM, or WordPress workflow via APIs and RSS feeds


  • Monitor all Canadian, US and Global online news from a single dashboard
  • Track all major press release portals
  • Create custom industry or media packages containing sources of interest to you