Feature: Livestream Dashboard

Have you ever felt so excited about a certain topic of interest that you just

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had to share everything you are finding with your colleagues? Have you ever encountered an important event (like a public announcement) and you felt that it was important to have your entire team updated? Guess what? Gnowit is rolling out a new and exciting feature, our new shareable dashboard functionality shows people a live-stream of your results without having to register!

Yes, now you can keep your colleagues in the loop in case of a news breakout or a large event. RIM alone was mentioned 600 times in Canadian media alone. Imagine sharing just one link with your organization so that they are constantly being updated with, not just mentions, but real-time analysis that goes along with it. This goes much further than reports handed out the next day; although, that is offered too, reports are meant to share important details after an event is over. This is sharing information as people are talking about it.

Let me show you how this works:
Step 1:

If you have a gnowit account, simply look at the top right corner and click on “share dashboard”.


Step 2:

After clicking on “Share Dashboard” a pop-up will appear giving you two options on how you would like to share your dashboard.

Send it straight from the website.
Copy and paste the link below the text box (right next to the send button)

Step 3:

Sit back, relax and let your colleagues tell you how amazing you are for sharing this.



The Livestream functionality goes much further than simple PDF reports, it allows you and your team to be aware of any threats or opportunities before it is too late. You will always be the first to know, the first to understand and the first to act.

Of course we can’t end this blog without offering an example of a livestream.

Enjoy: http://my.gnowit.com/accounts/?id=mtgLd