Patent Pending Gnowit!

Gnowit’s core technologies are now patent-pending!

Gnowit recently filed for patent protection for six (6!) of the core technologies that underpin our media monitoring solution. Our core media monitoring processes are made up of sophisticated components that ensure powerful real-time monitoring and real-time analysis. From our advanced sentiment analysis, to automated website reengineering engines, to our smart clustering algorithms, we have just reached a major milestone through the filing of our provisional patents.

We have spent years lovingly refining each component of our solution. Each element of our core technologies is crisp and powerful. This accomplishment is based on 7 years of R&D by the Whyz Tech team and stems from Gnowit’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Shahzad Khan’s, PhD thesis from Cambridge University.

Gnowit, a spin-out of Whyz Tech, has now officially licensed these core technologies. These core technologies have been knit together to form a complete system that makes every component of the media monitoring solution sophisticated yet intuitive and elegant. This solution is poised to disrupt the traditional market for media monitoring in a big way. No more bloated teams of analysts. No more waiting for alerts. No more waiting for analysis.

Nevertheless, we could not have done this alone. We were recently introduced to a very smart and very capable patent attorney, Adrian O’Donnell at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP/s.r.l., by the team at InvestOttawa. He and his other colleagues have been wonderful resources that have sped up our business readiness tremendously.

InvestOttawa had a pilot program funded by NRC-IRAP to help startups to firm up their intellectual property and corporate structure. Through this great program, we were able to identify several areas that we needed to focus on to set the stage for our product’s launch: copyright, trademarks, domain names and patents. These were just a handful of areas that we were able to better develop and get structured guidance on through this program.

The business ecosystem here in Ottawa is ideal for high-tech startups. The city is bubbling with entrepreneurial spirit and thrumming with ideas and energy. With the news of our recent filing, we at Gnowit feel we have just moved into a position of great strength and opportunity. With our strong momentum, we intend to be make big things happen in Ottawa and across the world…